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Tiny’s Emancipation

Tiny’s Emancipation

Tiny Mason has nothing of her own

even her last name belongs to her master.

In June of 1865, the Texas slaves hear rumors that the war

is over and that they will soon be free. Tiny, impatient for freedom, sneaks away

from the Mason Plantation in the back of a wagon bound for Galveston.

In that city, she hears United States Major General Granger read the proclamation

that the slaves are free–an announcement made on June 19, 1865.

Tiny joins the spontaneous celebration of her release from slavery,

but her former owner, Miz Mason, tries to prevent the young girl from living a free life

Written by  Linda Baten Johnson

This is available in print at Amazon and on Kindle and Nook

Elsie and the Hurricane

elsie_cover_for_hsGalveston Hurricane

Elsie and the Hurricane
Elsie Drummond’s eleventh birthday is a date

she’ll always remember–a day which started with presents,

friends, and cake, and ended with death and destruction.

Elsie’s mother, a hurricane survivor, decides to escort the birthday guests home

when the wind and rain gains intensity, and she doesn’t return.

Elsie faces the hurricane and its aftermath alone.

Elsie never abandons her search for her parents

as she discovers her talent for organization, befriends the famous Clara Barton,

and makes choices which will change the path of her life.

Written By Linda Baten Johnson

This is available in print at Amazon and in Kindle and Nook

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