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Write For Chapter Books 4 Kids

We are a small publisher of Chapter Books  for kids.

A Chapter book is between 4,000 and 10,000 words.

A Chapter book has 5 to 10 chapters.

A Chapter book is written for kids in grade 2 or 3.

A Chapter book does not have any vulgar words.

Write about things kids like to read today…

mystery etc is always welcome.


To write  chapter book

contact us with your query letter and idea

at chapterbooks4kids@yahoo.com

We pay a one time fee of $60 for these books  for full rights

In general the publisher only makes about .40 on each sale and chapter

books sell very slowly.  If we paid a 30% percentage on profit it would be .12 a book sale to the author.

Basically over 500 books would have to sell for you the author to make the

$60 that we offer.  It could take 5 years or more to sell 500 books in this

genre.   So we offer the $60 and buy full rights.

If we like  your query this is what you can expect and what you should do


1.  We will then ask to the first chapter  single spaced,  no indent,  put a space between paragraphs.

Once we have read that and if we like it, we will then ask for the full manuscript.

Please have at least three people who are good at grammar read through it first.   We do not want to spend much time editing.

2.  Once we have read the full manuscript, if we want to publish your book we will  send you a contract,and will pay the agreed on fee for full rights

3.  We will create a cover in keeping with our covers

and get the book ready for publication.  (You will get one last read through to check for any

other grammar errors etc.

4.  Then we will publish the book and you can purchase copies or not at our cost plus 10%  usually about 2.50 to 2.75 a book.

We do not set up book signings for you.

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