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Pony Princess Saves the Ruby Necklace

pony_one_smallWhen Princess Hailey

see’s a thief steal her mother’s

Royal Ruby necklace,

she begins to chase after him.

She is surprised when she is magically

turned into a pony and able to canter faster.
Will she catch the thief and return the ruby necklace to her mother?
Will she be transformed back into a princess or remain a magical pony?

This book is available at Amazon in print and on Kindle and Nook

Orphan Train Riders Kathleen’s Vision


When the furniture removers

empty the family tenement  as payment

for back rent, ten-year-old Kathleen Flannigan

fears that her family will soon be homeless and hungry.

Kathleen vows to save her family from ruin, even though her  plan means personal sacrifice. Will the orphan train going to Michigan be the   answer to Kathleen’s Vision of a better life for herself and her family?

This Book Written by Linda B. Johnson

This book is available at Amazon in print and Kindle and Nook

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